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Why invest

What makes TC Energy a solid investment for long-term growth? Our proven strategy, diversified high-quality assets, dividend growth, financial strength and financial discipline.

Proven track record

For more than 70 years we’ve delivered on our commitment to meet the ever-increasing demand for energy in a safe and sustainable manner. We’ve provided significant value to our shareholders with a 11% average annual return since 2000 and increased our dividend in each year since.


Financial strength

Our financial position remains strong with a solid balance sheet and numerous levers available to fund growth.


Diversified high-quality assets

TC Energy operates three complementary energy infrastructure businesses across three geographies in North America.

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Strong leadership

Led by President & CEO François Poirier, our highly regarded executive leadership team and thousands of inspired employees, we’re well positioned to navigate an ever-evolving energy and business environment to achieve our goals.

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Visible dividend growth

Since 2000, we have grown our asset base from $25 billion to over $100 billion. Simultaneously, we've raised the annual dividend from $0.80 per share to $3.84 per share in 2024 (based on most recent declared quarterly dividend). Our portfolio of complementary infrastructure assets and $31 billion of secured growth projects are expected to support annual dividend growth of 3 to 5 per cent.

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Future growth

With continued expected growth in each of our business lines, we expect to continue to grow our business for decades to come, delivering growing returns to our investors.


Credit ratings

Credit ratings are intended to provide investors with an independent measure of credit quality of an issue of securities. Credit ratings are not recommendations to purchase, hold or sell securities and do not address the market quality or suitability of a specific security for a particular investor. These are assigned by credit rating agencies such as Moody's, Standard & Poor's, Fitch, and DBRS. While TC Energy Corporation has a credit rating it is not an issuer of debt securities. Debt securities are held at TransCanada PipeLines Limited or subsidiary companies.

TransCanada PipeLines Limited

  Standard & Poor's Moody's Investors Service Fitch DBRS
Senior unsecured BBB+ Baa2 BBB+ BBB (high)
Trend/rating outlook Negative Stable Stable Stable outlook